2014 SG Sandy Cohen Commits to Marquette


For Sandy Cohen, choosing Marquette was an easy decision. Growing up a Golden Eagle fan in Green Bay, he was eager to commit from the moment he was offered.

“I just knew that Marquette was always my dream school,” Cohen said. “It’s where I always wanted to go. When I went on my visit, I built a close relationship with the coaches and the players. It’s everything I thought it would be and more.”

Cohen is a 4 star SG ranked 70th by ESPN and 93rd by Rivals.com. Averaging 16.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and shooting 52.8% from the field garnered him the honors of being first-team all-conference and an honorable mention for all-state. Cohen received more than 20 NCAA Division 1 scholarships in recent months, but only considered Marquette, Creighton, Minnesota, Green Bay, George Washington, La Salle, Memphis and Milwaukee.

One of the deciding factors in his decision was Marquette’s proximity to home. “(The proximity) was a big part of it,” Cohen said. “I would love for my mom and dad and grandma to come to all of my games. They worked just as hard as I did for me to get here. It would be a shame to not have them see me play, so I’m excited to have them come and see me play, too.”

Cohen adds to an loaded 2014 backcourt with JaJuan Johnson, Todd Mayo, Duane Wilson, Deonte Burton, Juan Anderson, and Derrick Wilson. With SG Ahmed Hill still a 2014 possible commitment, it will be interesting to see how Buzz Williams distributes the minutes. It’s hard to imagine all this being possible if Vander Blue was still manning the position for another year.

Before we start pre-determining Cohen’s college career using solely a 2-minute highlight film, let us keep in mind of the infamous “YouTube Theory” – the dangerous task of basing a player from his online video reels. However, we can’t help but critique and compare, and prematurely he reminds us of Marquette’s own Juan Anderson. Both Cohen and Anderson are 6’6″ forwards who play with an unparalleled level of maturity and athleticism, and both affect the game in nearly every possible category. The only noticeable difference between the two is that Cohen may have a slightly better jump shot now than Anderson did in his high school days. Decide for yourself, with Anderson’s HS mixtape here and Cohen’s here. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Comparing newly-minted 4 star recruits to Juan Anderson (13 minutes per game, 2.7 PPG, 2.9 RPG) may come off as pessimistic, but realistically, Cohen projects more of a defensive/rebounding type player in college than a dominant scorer. Every player contributes to a team in a helpful way – Juan’s being defense and rebounding – and not everyone has the luxury of being a team’s primary scorer. Although it’s certainly plausible for Cohen to develop into a legitimate offensive weapon, expect him to contribute in other categories first. But first, let’s congratulate him on his commitment to the Golden Eagles, and especially appreciate it when he makes plays like this:

For once, I sure hope my analysis is wrong.

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