Todd Mayo Undergoes Successful Knee Surgery – Report and Reaction


Where did that come from?

When Todd Mayo first shared that picture of himself cloaked in hospital clothing early Wednesday morning with Instagram, with the hashtags “#Surgery” and “#LittleSetBack” included, it left the Marquette world confused. No word had gone viral of Mayo injuring himself in the first place, and there we stood staring at a computer screen depicting Mayo in a pre-surgery melancholy state, ready for the knife. Word released later from Marquette’s official basketball twitter account that Mayo had undergone surgery for a left knee injury, but was expected to return in time for the 2013-2014 season. However, since every injury is different, there was no timetable for recovery given.

With Marquette Madness two months away, and the start of the season three months away (100 days to be exact – not like we’re counting or anything), a realistic approach would be to skip Marquette Madness and be able to suit up for the season opener against Southern. That’s how the plan seems to be folding out – but with the scary concept that “meniscus injuries never fully heal*,” we have to expect the unexpected. Mayo was in-stride for making the big leap this season – a still very possible concept built off getting out of Buzz Williams’ doghouse (at least somewhat) after being sent home and suspended by Buzz in 2012 to “think about if he wanted to be a part of the team,” then coming back with seemingly a different mindset and working out with NBA player/new MKE native/brother, O.J. Mayo, throughout offseason. He even put up a few devastating posterizers during the Milwaukee Pro-Am. But who knows when Todd will be back – and for us to successfully expect the unexpected, someone must be ready to fill in at SG right away. Will Buzz turn to one of the more athletically talented freshmen in JaJuan Johnson or Deonte Burton, or will he look for a more veteran presence in Juan Anderson? The answer lies in Buzz Williams’ head to decide, but the question altogether is placed whether or not Mayo can return to full strength in time for Southern. All us fans can do about it is wait for the season to come finally around – and wait we will, because we still have 100 days to go.

UPDATE: According to a twitter follower, Mayo injured his knee during Milwaukee Pro-Am on July 19th, which was 11 days ago. This may or may not have an impact on participance of MU players in future Pro-Ams.

*Side note on meniscuses: ligament is shaved off during surgery to avoid further abrasion, not put back in place like any other ligament. That is why they are considered to never “heal.”

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