Marquette Madness Preview

Marquette Madness 2009

It’s finally here.

As you know, Marquette Madness, the second-best holiday to the season opener, will take place tomorrow at the Al at 7 pm. If you haven’t heard of it already, the name speaks for itself – the event’s basic purpose is to inflict sheer madness into a packed arena of rabid MU fans, more than making up for our dreadful six-month drought of Marquette basketball. Specifically, it’s been somewhere around 194 days, 18 hours and 33 minutes since Marquette lost in the Elite Eight against Syracuse – but we’re not here to talk numbers, because that’s not what MU Madness is meant for. This is an event dedicated to the fans, and is all about one simple principle: having fun. Simply put, it’s been way too long to bear since MU last stepped on the court, and this years’ event looks poised to live up to the annual hype. For one, it’ll be packed with attending recruits – Ahmed Hill, Diamond Stone, Charles Matthews, Marial Shayok, and Tory Miller headline the top targets in attendance, with many others following closely behind. Around this time of year is when recruits really start to trim down their school lists, so MU Madness is by far the most crucial recruiting event of the year for all involved. Throughout the course of the night, the program will have all the top recruits’ undivided attention to show them what Marquette basketball is all about with the immeasurable help of the players, coaches, and most importantly, the fans. I mean, just imagine being a top recruit sitting ten feet away from the likes of Jimmy Butler, Wes Matthews, or Dwyane Wade (okay, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves) while being surrounded by the rioting 4,000-man army of blue and gold, knowing that this is the treatment you’re going to get if you come to Marquette. That’s the type of thought the staff try to inflict on these kids every year – and it’s also the reason why it usually tends to be a great event.

What’s going to make Marquette Madness so great this year? First, we lay out the basics:

  • Friday at 7 p.m. at the Al McGuire Center (doors open at 6:30, lines begin at 4)
  • Free admission (seating limited to 4,000)
  • Free T-shirts distributed in the arena – this years’ theme is “fan of steel” (meh). Take a look at the shirts here – note that they glow in the dark.
  • Free Fox Sports 1 foam fingers for first 1,000 fans
  • Team introduction video – the video below is the best example, known as the downright legendary “Pray” video from 2008.
  • Free men’s and women’s schedule posters
  • Lifetime achievement awards ceremony
  • Dunk contest
  • 3-point contest
  • Men’s and women’s team scrimmages

Many former Marquette players, along with those in the NBA, attend Marquette Madness yearly. Dwyane Wade came two years ago, but mostly due to a mass-Twitter campaign (#BringWadeToMadness) started by Paint Touches contributor Andrei Greska. The players and coaches will also be signing autographs afterwords, so make sure not to leave right away.

As you can tell, these are the basics of what to expect every year – but each Madness always has something different to it. Whether it’s Gangnam Style, Dwyane Wade, the karaoke battle or the above “Pray” video, Marquette Madness never fails to disappoint even the common fan. They usually keep the good stuff quiet, but every year some info leaks out – here’s what we’ve heard so far.

  • The dunk contest will feature Deonte Burton. Oh, and JaJuan Johnson, Duane Wilson and a “special guest” will be making feeble attempts to stop him. If you didn’t get the hint, click here.
  • Jake Thomas and Davante Gardner (yes, that Davante Gardner) will be attempting to break the world record for number of three-pointers in a minute. The number is 26 – and per the official Marquette Men’s Basketball Twitter account, Thomas claims to have surpassed the mark twice while practicing for it last Friday night.

With all that said, we leave you a preview of this years’ intro video. Get ready, #mubb fans. Or, if you like to keep it old school… pray.

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