A Closer Look At Ahmed Hill

11966397Someone’s trying to torture us. Whether it’s St. John’s (GIF), Syracuse or Butler getting revenge, or UW-Green Bay haunting us for not rescheduling the game we’d like to forget (R.I.P. hopes and dreams – December 19, 2012) – someone is trying to torture us. The ups and downs of MU basketball news has been downright roller-coaster-like as of late, alternating low points and high equally throughout the course of one hectic week. As with most coasters, this all started with an ascension to the top when Ahmed Hill committed to Marquette on October 12th. Choosing between Marquette and Mizzou, Hill finally decided on the Golden Eagles after an invigorating experience at Marquette Madness. His commitment headlines an impressive ’14 class that already has verbals from top-100 recruits Sandy Cohen, Malek Harris and Marial Shayok, pushing them up to the #11-ranked recruiting class in the nation per 247sports. Though he’s “only” ESPN’s current 51st-ranked player in the nation, Hill was a consensus top-30 player in June – Rivals’ Eric Bossi explains that his recent drop in national rankings was due to “a bit of an off-summer.” Nonetheless, Hill is widely-believed to be a much better player than his ranking suggests, especially (and most importantly) by Buzz Williams. Ranked top-30 or not, Hill will contribute immediately in what is shaping up to be an outstanding group of guards for 2014.

As a player, the kid is described to be an accomplished scorer with elite athleticism – and since the 6’5″ shooting guard averaged 33 PPG as a junior in high school, I wouldn’t doubt his scoring ability at all. Not that I would question his athleticism – I’d simply rather you witness it for yourself in the video below.

As displayed above, and confirmed by multiple scouting reports, Hill hits shots, finishes at the rim and generally approaches the game with maturity – a skill set that’s fitting with the oft-mentioned Marquette stereotype. As the head honcho of Buzz Williams’ nationally-ranked recruiting class, Hill’s decision catalyzed the promise for success in numerous seasons to come. With Jameel McKay recently announcing his departure from the program, Hill’s commitment came at a much-needed time for coaches, fans, and players alike. Despite these unpredictable ups and downs of recent Marquette basketball news, Hill’s commitment certainly smooths out the bumps in what now seems to be a much less steeper climb to yet another Sweet Sixteen.

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