“Can Marquette Still Make The NCAA Tournament?” + Post-Game Relatable Media Rodeo

Jamil Wilson, Jacoby Armstrong

We all know that guy. The guy who believes this team has quality wins. The guy who believes we have a chance at the Big East Tournament title. The guy who believes we’d go 31-0 if Vander stayed. The guy who, despite numerous indications otherwise, believes we’re still a bubble team. Nothing seems able to wake him from his deep sleep of seemingly eternal optimism. Is this man idiotic, or does he possess an exclusive perspective on this team that holds valid substance and obscure, yet justified rationality? In simpler terms, does this man have the right to even question the tourney chances of this Marquette basketball team?

All aforementioned questions point directly to the one we’ve been scratching and clawing at for nearly three and a half months now:

Can Marquette still make the NCAA Tournament?

I mean, the possibility still remains, but it isn’t likely to happen at all.

Okay, no. Actually, Marquette and NCAA Tournament should no longer be said in the same sentence without a joking tone. After blowing a one-point lead in a loss to Providence last night in a “HOLY S#%$!!” game for the ages (which included a late 11-point comeback, three Marquette players with double-doubles, two overtimes, and nearly a 75-foot game-winner from Davante Gardner), Marquette officially obliterated their name from any form of consideration for March Madness. Last year, no team with fourteen or more losses received an invite to the NCAA’s without winning their conference tournament – so considering our thirteen losses, hopes of punching a ticket lie solely in winning the Big East Tournament, which, again, is highly unlikely to occur. However, ending our eight-year streak of NCAA Tournament appearances doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. I mean, we still have the NIT! Think about it – a miniature tournament filled with squads also plagued with mediocrity can’t be so bad, especially when considering the potential for games at the Bradley Center. Even if we lost in the first round, we could draw Kentucky comparisons to cover up the pain. And if we go further than that, that means we get to actually win games! This really is a win-win situation, right? RIGHT!?

Okay, never mind. It’s okay to cry. Look below for a new segment called the Relatable Media Rodeo, in which we spam numerous forms of media that correctly portray the emotion of the latest game. Why? Because after what happened last night, we could all use some fun, even if it’s somewhat depressing at the same time. Cue the violins.


When? Post game. Who? Every Marquette fan in front of their televisions:


Need a movie to rest your mind from the tortures of Marquette basketball? Here’s one of our personal favorites!

Hey, I hear you’re into Marquette basketball, so assumably you’re into other heart-wrenching tragedies as well. If so, you should watch any interpretation of Romeo and Juliet (preferably the recent twist know as Gnomeo and Juliet). Or, if you’re even more into absolute torture – such as still believing we can make the NCAA Tournament – we suggest you read it instead.

Whenever Mayo picked up another foul:

When Derrick fouled Cotton with a 1-point lead, the ball, and 7 seconds left to play, ultimately leading to a Marquette loss:

Still not working? Ask the magic conch shell whatever you please! “Magic conch, are there still reasons to believe in this Marquette basketball team?”


Well, that about does it. If you’re a Marquette student, it could be fun to start random breakouts of “N-I-T!” chants on campus, but then again, it could get reeeeaallly awkward if Ox happened to be strolling in your general vicinity. Dylan Flood on the other hand? Go right ahead. Who knows, the kid might even join in!

Remember, we’re all in this together. Stay strong, #mubb fans! NIT! NIT! NIT! NI-USA! USA! USA! USA!!!

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