Simply put, we don’t like “Daily Eagle.”

First of all, it doesn’t flow off the tongue as well as other names could. And secondly, errmmm, we don’t post daily. I’m not sure if that makes us liars or not, but to be safe, we’re going to change both the website and twitter account’s name.

We came up with a few names on our own. If they have hyphens, that means the cooler, unpunctuated version wasn’t available unless I ventured out into the safari and bought it out from whoever decided to create it (and NEVER USE IT!!!!!). Ugh, Wisconsin fans these days. Anyways, here’s the list:,, (Coach Wojo infamously made the defensive floor slap a college basketball epidemic in his playing days),,, (kidding), (kidding again), (clearly, I’ve run out of ideas).

For now, we’ll have a poll below with the five legitimate candidates we came up with. Since our list is pretty subpar in our opinion, we ask you leave suggestions in either the comments below or on Twitter. If you vote , bless your soul. And if you don’t, we’ll falcon punch you all the way to Madison, Wisconsin. I’d be scrolling down to that poll if I were you.

Welcome to the Daily Eagle – a blog and twitter feed of all things Marquette basketball. Follow us on Twitter at @Daily_Eagle for live updates on recruiting, games, facts, and the occasional opinion. For inquiries, contact us at


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