Year in Review: Jajuan Johnson

Marquette Men's Basketball vs. Grambling State

We’re doing a “Year In Review” series, in which we review how awesome or horrendous or spectacular or spectacularly frustrating each player’s season was. And no, we did not copy Anonymous Eagle’s “Player Reviews” series. Okay, maybe we did. WE’LL MAKE SOME CHANGES ALRIGHT!?!? Anyways, we’ll go by ascending class order, and by alphabetical order in those classes. Up next is Jajuan Johnson, a player that whose unexplained limited minutes caused polarizing rifts over Buzz Williams’ coaching. 

Stats: 13.5 MINS, 4.3 PTS, 1.0 AST, 0.4 STL, 1.1 REB, 44% FG (1.7-3.8 FGM-FGA, 35-79 TOT), 29% 3PT (0.4-1.5 3PM-3PA, 9-31 TOT), 80% FT (12-15 TOT), 0.7 PF, 0.5 TO

Summary: M’god. Let’s… let’s keep this short and sweet. Buzz Williams toyed around with Jajuan Johnson in such a confusing, selfish manner that it caused JJJ to nearly transfer, then decide not to once Buzz bolted to Virginia Tech. He showed signs of his talent early on, scoring 12 against Grambling on 4-9 shooting (1-3 from three). His phenomenal performance against Arizona State (9 points, 4-8 FG, 1-3 3PT, 3 assists, and three rebounds) seemed to permanently vault him into the rotation — especially since he played 25 minutes — and his then season-high 18 points (6-8 FG, 3-3 3PT) only seemed to solidify our previous assumption. Unfortunately, that then-season-high stayed his season-high for the rest of the season, and poor Jajuan got nowhere near to his season-high after the non-conference games ended. It’s strange, really, how he proved his worth early on only to have his minutes trucked into oblivion and receive 10 DNP’s in conference play. He apparently had a bothersome ankle at some point in the season, but considering what happened with Steve Taylor, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jajuan got the same treatment from good ol’ Buzzy Dubs.

Despite his subpar overall stats, however, these splits show that he was a phenomenal shooter and scorer when given the opportunity:

When Jajuan played 16+ minutes: 7 games, 11.5 PPG (81 total points), 55% FG (31-56 total)

When Jajuan played less than 16 minutes (not including 11 DNP’s): 13 games, 6 TOTAL POINTS, 11% FG (2-18 total) in 108 total minutes

As a highly-touted recruit coming out of high school, don’t be surprised if Jajuan bursts onto the scene with a new coach and a fast-paced, perimeter-oriented system now in place. Expect stardom from the kid, and if not this year, then certainly the year after that. That is, barring more unnecessary servings of Vitamin DNP. (And if he doesn’t play much for whatever reason, at least we’ll get to call him Nortorious DNP, amiright?)

Rating: 3. One because, well, you gotta give him at least one, another because he showed potential, and one more because he produced in his (very) limited minutes.

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