Year in Review: Steve Taylor, Jr.

We’re doing a “Year In Review” series, in which we review how awesome or horrendous or spectacular or spectacularly frustrating each player’s season was. And no, we did not copy Anonymous Eagle’s “Player Reviews” series. Okay, maybe we did. WE’LL MAKE SOME CHANGES ALRIGHT!?!? Anyways, we’ll go by ascending class order, and by alphabetical order in those classes. Up next is Steve Taylor, Jr.

Stats (hint: if you’re using mobile, click the picture to zoom in)

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.34.54 PM

Preseason Expectation

Here’s what we wrote in our preseason primer:

Steve Taylor, Jr. – 7.0 PPG (ceiling) – 4.5 PPG (floor)

  • Taylor put up extremely efficient numbers his freshman year, so how will he follow those up with more opportunities? Gut: With such a talented frontcourt ahead of him, we think we’ll see a little more of the same from Taylor this year. However, expect really big things from him next year when Gardner and Otule are both gone.

Did he meet, exceed, or disappoint the expectation?

Definitely disappointed, but certainly not in the way we thought he would. Having a coach that was suspiciously reluctant to play him played a factor into his lack of production, but in the end, there’s no excuse for shooting 32% on 68 shots when he was, on his account, 100% healthy.


  • Rebounded well in limited minutes
  • Didn’t self-combust nor physically attack Buzz at any point during the season


  • Missed defensive assignments like it was his job
  • Extremely inefficient on offense, unlike last year
  • Didn’t get many steals or block many shots
  • Do I really have to go on?

Notable Intangibles

  • He had underwent surgery to remove a benign on his right knee in early May of 2013.
  • According to Taylor, he was completely healthy by the start of the season and was more than able to participate in practice and games.
  • Despite this, Buzz refused to play him and cited his injury as an excuse. In a season where he was expected to clean the glass and provide efficient buckets under the hoop, he was given 9 DNP’s and played double-digit minutes in only 6 of Marquette’s last 26 games.
  • This lowered Taylor’s morale, causing him to decide to transfer after the season concluded.
  • However, both Buzz’s departure and the hiring of Wojo led Taylor to stay at Marquette.

High Points

His two only double-digit scoring games, when he put up 16 points and 11 rebounds against Grambling and 14 points and 8 rebounds against Georgetown.

Oh, and this tweet:

Bless you, photoshop. Bless you, bad pun.

Low Points

Um, heh heh, every other game besides those two? His game log has more o’s than a bag of cheerios. Or a tire shop. Or a ring shop. Stack of CD’s? Snowball fight? I’m done, America, I’m done.


Well, I was going to put zero, but he didn’t die or anything, did he? (I really hope I didn’t just jinx that). One.

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