Year in Review: Todd Mayo

We’re doing a “Year In Review” series, in which we review how awesome or horrendous or spectacular or spectacularly frustrating each player’s season was. And no, we did not copy Anonymous Eagle’s “Player Reviews” series. Okay, maybe we did. WE’LL MAKE SOME CHANGES ALRIGHT!?!? Anyways, we’ll go by ascending class order, and by alphabetical order in those classes. Up next is the ever-so-confusing, roller coaster-like enigma that is Todd Mayo.

Stats (hint: if you’re on mobile, click the picture to zoom in)

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.43.56 PM

Preseason Expectation

Here’s what we wrote in our preseason primer:

Todd Mayo – 11.0 PPG (ceiling) – 7.0 PPG (floor)

  • After a 2012 suspension and injury-riddled offseason, can he step up to be the backcourt contributor Marquette so desperately needs? Gut: Somewhat. Mayo will surely be better than he was last year, but inconsistency and poor shot selection will have Marquette looking to make SG somewhat like a time-share. However, this has a high volatility to change – ever since last season ended, Mayo has been absolutely locked in. Wouldn’t be surprised if he had a monster year.

Did he meet, exceed, or disappoint the expectation? 

He exceeded the points expectation, but the in-depth description was shockingly fitting. At times, Mayo was a liability on the offensive end with his head-scratching shot selection and turnovers, and at other times, he had the ability to single-handedly keep us in games. He sort of disappointed in the first half of the season, but lit it up during the conference schedule, and not to mention went absolutely ballistic in the last 10 games. Thus, he both disappointed and exceeded individual expectations, but ended the season with an exclamation point that has Marquette fans excited for his final season.


  • A go-to playmaker
  • Averaged 15.7 PTS, 3.2 AST, 3.5 REB, and 1.1 STL while shooting 47% FG and 35.7% 3PT in last 10 games
  • Had ability to notch 3-4 assists or 5+ rebounds in a game
  • Wasn’t nearly the distraction he was in his sophomore year
  • Could single-handedly carry us on offensive end, especially in clutch situations


  • Could also single-handedly murder our offensive flow and/or production
  • Had an up-and-down first half to the season
  • Never secured a definite amount of minutes or a starting spot

Notable Intangibles

  • Had knee surgery a few months before the season started but was back in time (from the outside looking in, it never appeared to bother him)
  • Had to sit the Wisconsin game for being late to practice

High Points

  • Scored 26, 20, and 21 points in the last three games
  • Showed up in the clutch in numerous games

Low Points

  • I made a list, but let’s just throw that depressing piece of s–t in the garbage can and hope for better days, shall we?


Six in non-conference play, nine in conference play. Really, he was that good, and it’d be phenomenal if he could replicate that stretch over at least most of next season.

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