Orlando Classic Analysis and Predictions

After millenniums of human evolution, which included the inventions of basic math, the wheel, and Windows 95, the Orlando Classic committee finally released the full bracket to their ESPN-sponsored tournament, matching up Marquette with Georgia Tech in the first round and, barring a wild upset from Rider, an intriguing game with Michigan State in the second.

BuSMlAFCUAA18Y_Before we lay down any predictions, let’s preview the first-round match-up against Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (or, affectionately known as, ‘dem Yeller Jackers).

11/27/14 vs. Georgia Tech (in Orlando, Florida, AND on Thanksgiving night!)

Georgia Tech loses four of its top five scorers on a team that finished 16-17 overall and 6-12 in the ACC last season. Those four impact losses also carry the team’s top three rebounders and top two shot-blockers, not to mention two 30-plus-minute-per-game guys. Steve Wojciechowski, our new head coach, also assisted Duke for the last 15 years in kickin’ Yeller Jacker BEE-hind (save the applause for later) during ACC play, so he’s definitely familiar with the tendencies of Georgia Tech’s squad, which conveniently returns the same head coach after three disappointing seasons. Considering these past points and our superior returning talent, chalk this one up as a win.

Unless Rider pulls off the upset of the decade, our second-round opponent will be Michigan State, whom we already wrote a preview about in our non-conference article. With the talent-barren Spartans both residing in the same region as Marquette and losing an impact player in Kenny Kaminski since that article was posted, the basketball gods have more than answered our prayers, which is yet another reason why Jesuit schools have it better than any other college.

Tournament Predictions, Conveniently Placed In A Bracket Written In Comics Sans

And so the fun begins.

(For explanations on these predictions, click the linked non-con article above).

super cool bracket yeAny comments, suggestions, adamant counterarguments, or screeches of agony? Leave your own predictions in the comments section below! Oh, and if you’re of the belief that we could beat Kansas, I suggest you drive yourself to the emergency room upon finishing this sentence.

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