What Team Do We Hate The Most?

Well, obviously, Wisconsin. But how much do we, as supporters of the Marquette Golden Eagles, despise Bucky Badger and his red-and-white minions? What other schools do we steer our children away from attending? And how much do we take a hating to these universities compared to Madison? — although, maybe we should start takin’ it easy on our lil’ brother, since we recently beat ’em in total applications despite having THIRTY-THOUSAND LESS STUDENTS. (But that’s for another day. Let’s journey on to the point of the article.)

Reddit’s college basketball forum recently launched a survey to determine the most-hated teams from each state, in an effort to compile a “college basketball hate map” over our beloved United States of ‘Merica. Since the living quarters of our fans are likely spread out over the nation, we’re going to skip the “map” part and simply measure the utter hatred that we fans have for teams not named the Golden Eagles. If everyone who sees this post votes, then we should obtain a sample size of around 200-300. The rules are…

  • Scroll down and comment the top five teams you hate the most from a Marquette fan’s perspective. Example: “1) Wisconsin, 2) Notre Dame, 3) Syracuse, 4) Virginia Tech, 5) Ohio State.” VALUABLE HINT: You don’t have to use a real name or email address when commenting on our posts, simply type some gibberish like sdkjhbsdjkf@gmail.com and it’ll allow access.
  • …or tweet them to us.

First place votes equal five points, second place votes equal four points, third place equals three, and so on. After a week or so, we’ll add up the point totals and create some kick-ass diagram (and possibly post it all over Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, if someone’s up to the task).

Some ideas for teams are Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Creighton, DePaul, Cincinnati, anyone in the new Big East, anyone from the old Big East, anyone that has ever beat us in a memorable heartbreaker, Wisconsin, and so on (and Wisconsin, again). You can really choose any three teams in the nation, just try to connect each one to Marquette somehow. Be creative! Go!

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10 thoughts on “What Team Do We Hate The Most?

  1. Hate is a big word, but from my perspective as a student of the early 80’s days:

    1) ND
    2) ND and their snooty alumni
    3) ND and their prissy students
    4) ND and that annoying mascot. The MU Warrior would scalp his flaming red locks
    5) ND and their wanna be fans, who could never get into ND as students because they are noodle brains
    The above is just a personal opinion, and others may feel even more hatred for our green catholic brothers that live in the cornfields of that great state, Indiana. Question, when people of Chicago flush their toilets, do you know where the water flows? To Indiana!

  2. 1.) Notre Dame (not only because they are Notre Dame, which alone would suffice, but because, as a Chicago resident, the Chicago media cover Notre Dame way more than Marquette, even though Marquette has more fans in the area and almost always has a better team, 2.) Wisconsin 3.) Indiana 4.) Cincinnati 5.) DePaul

  3. 1. ND
    2. Indiana
    3. ohio state
    4. Duke – sorry, Wojo.
    5. Syracuse
    Even Bucky isn’t hated – just a good rivalry.

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