And Then There Were Two…

If you read our previous article, which attempted to create rankings on teams that Marquette fans hate, you wouldn’t have been surprised to find the battle for the top spot was between the Wisconsin Badgers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The second had been a rival for countless years by sharing membership in the old Big East Conference and for being our Midwest, Catholic university counterparts, or simply known as, The School Everyone Goes To If They Get Denied To Marquette (What? Doesn’t work that way?). Once the old Big East split up, shoving the Irish basketball program into the pits of hell, erm, I mean, the ACC, Marquette and Notre Dame drifted apart, somewhat taming the furious friction that lay between Milwaukee and South Bend, and nearly erasing it for newly-bred Golden Eagles fans who never witnessed the waves of boos when the redheaded leprechauns abused the Bradley Center with their presence. This paved the way for the Wisconsin Badgers, an already-hated, in-state opponent who played us annually, to absorb the leftover hate that may have been deferred to the green-and-gold pansies. Over time, a fine hatred has developed for anything related to Madison, Wisconsin, but a debate remains over who sits at the top of the list, AND IT’S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE. Vote in the poll below to finally decide which is worse: The Wisconsin BADgers or the Notre Dame Frolicking Gingers?

Oh, and one more thing:


Feels great to be better at everything, doesn’t it?

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