Big East matchups released, completing 2014-15 schedule

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor),

We’re one step closer to the season! The Big East finally released its men’s basketball schedule, after what seemed a longer period of time than Chris Otule’s college basketball career. Since Marquette revealed its non-conference games a number of weeks ago, the entire schedule for the upcoming season is complete, and sits below this paragraph for your convenience.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.57.15 PM

Initial thoughts:

  • If you’re reading a college basketball blog, chances are that you have access to “big time” networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, and Fox. And if you’re a Marquette fan, you should have Fox Sports 1, or else I’m assuming you’re either lying or converted to Golden Eagle-ism during the offseason (and if so, congrats, welcome to our website!). Cutting out the games aired on the previously-aforementioned channels, we are left with eight games on obscure stations that the majority of us likely don’t have, otherwise known as WTF-TV:

11/14 (Friday) vs. UT Martin (season opener) on Fox Sports Wisconsin at 8:30 pm CT

11/22 (Saturday) vs. Omaha on Fox Sports 2 at 1:30 pm CT

12/22 (Monday) vs. North Dakota on Fox Sports 2 at 8 pm CT

1/3 (Saturday) vs. Providence on Fox Sports Wisconsin at 1 pm CT

1/14 (Wednesday) vs. Creighton on CBS Sports Network at 8 pm CT

1/17 (Saturday) at Xavier on Fox Sports Wisconsin at 11 am CT

1/31 (Saturday) vs. Butler on Fox Sports Wisconsin at 1 pm CT

2/7 (Saturday) at Seton Hall on CBS Sports Network at 11 am CT

  • The only killers on that list are Providence, Xavier, and potentially Butler. However, the matches against Providence and Butler are Saturday Afternoon Games At Home (also known as SAGAHs, pronounced like “cigars” with a Boston accent), so we expect each and every one of you to attend those games anyways.
  • Marquette commences the conference schedule at DePaul on New Year’s Eve. I initially barfed at the idea, but then I realized that I’d rather the Golden Eagles begin at a guaranteed 1-0, than, say, at 0-1 from an ass-kicking similar to the one Creighton handed them last season in their first conference match-up.
  • After the DePaul opener, the schedule immediately tosses the Golden Eagles into one of the toughest stretches of the season: versus Providence, at Georgetown, versus Creighton, at Xavier, at St. John’s, and versus Georgetown. Creighton and Providence project to finish much worse than their respective NCAA Tournament teams did last season, but facing Xavier, Georgetown twice, St. John’s in a span of six games should test Marquette from the start.
  • …however, it’s impossible to accurately project where Marquette will finish by the end of the season (as with most Big East teams), making it equally impossible to pinpoint tough stretches and cakewalks throughout the schedule.
  • …but that won’t stop us from trying. At this moment in time, the end-of-season stretch looks like a cakewalk, seeing that the Golden Eagles face Creighton, Butler, Providence, and DePaul in the last six games. St. John’s and Villanova are sandwiched between those easier wins, but if Marquette beats at least one of those (cough cough, Johnnies), it would probably leave them with a 5-1 finish to the regular season.
  • If I was forced to project a record for Marquette today, I’d probably end up with something between 19-11 and 23-7, which is quite a range of finishes. I’d recommend a “low expectations, high spirits” approach combined with a dash of “wait and see.”

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