Marquette Madness Preview

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor),


And for the second day in a row, it’s okay to lose your mind — or go nuts, or go bonkers, or whatever other slang your native people use. Yesterday, consensus top-10 recruit Henry Ellenson committed to Marquette over Kentucky and Michigan State (yes, you read that correctly), and today is Marquette Madness, the pep rally and scrimmage that the school holds at the Al McGuire Center for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The school released some highlights of the event about a week ago, so we’re here to review them while occasionally adding our own opinion or analysis. Let’s get started with some general information, and then we’ll move on to sergeant information, then lieutenant information, and so on.

  • Say it with me, kids: Marquette Madness. Not midnight madness. It’s at 7 p.m. Central Time. You’re only allowed to say midnight madness if you live in Istanbul (…who is five hours ahead. I looked it up!).
  • Doors open at 6:30 p.m., but fans are allowed to start lining up as early as 4:00 p.m. The Al only holds 3,700 people, so it’d be a smart move to arrive at an early time to guarantee entrance.
  • Entrance is FREE, by the way.
  • All bags will be checked at the entrance. All Wisconsin apparel will be swiftly tossed in the garbage. No ifs, ands, or butts, and by butts we mean Bucky Badger.

NOW FOR THE FUN STUFF. Before that, watch the teaser for the annual Marquette Madness video!

I CAN’T WAIT. (CAN YOU TELL?) Hopefully it’s at least half as good as the Pray video from 2008. Anyways, let’s head over to some more specific details about the event, specifically relating to the giveaway-ish side of things.


    • Free T-shirts! Madness shirts ususally shouldn’t be worn in public (specifically the ones distributed last year), but these don’t seem too shabby at all, besides the “EVERY DAY” scribbled in some Comics Sans-like font under the logo.
  • Free men’s and women’s schedule posters, which are usually used to be signed by the entire team at…
  • The post-Marquette Madness autograph session! Meet the players and coaches and leave with their signature! Only one item per person, but again, everyone uses the poster so the each player can sign next to their picture.
  • Free thundersticks courtesy of Meijer! Because nothing says “I’m an eight year-old with no self control” like 4,000 pairs of thundersticks!
  • FREE CHIPS AND QUESO FOR THE FIRST 1,000 VISITORS. Well, unless freshman Davante Gardner shows up. He eats for at least 600.
  • STUDENT GIVEAWAYS INCLUDE: A TV (courtesy of Meijer again!), $500 student scholarship (courtesy of Catholic Financial Life — thanks Pope Francis!), 2 Packers tickets (courtesy of The Marq), $100 Goodwill gift card, $200 worth of Marquette Cold Wear Gear (courtesy of Dorm Room Movers), and… US Bank giveaway? That’s what the athletics website says, at least. Some will leave with chips and queso, others will leave with an entire bank. That’s just how things work at Marquette, I guess.

AND NOW… for the most exciting details of the night!


  • As some of you know, Marquette’s coaching staff is stacked with former players who were, to say the least, very successful in their respective careers. I’m picking them over a team who has failed to stay efficient behind the arc on a year-to-year basis.


  • As Anonymous Eagle said: pick against Olympic caliber high kumper Wally Ellenson at your own risk.

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