It’s Going To Be A Long Year

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor),

How could we make the same mistake twice in a row?

I’m not saying Marquette is doomed. I’m not saying the team’s issues are completely unfixable. But as of now, three games into the season, it seems as if we overestimated the Golden Eagles’ potential for the second straight season.

Oh, sure, we stated all the necessary precautions. We underlined Marquette’s tough non-conference schedule, short bench, roster turnover, and lack of height. In conversations, whether over Twitter or in person, we made sure to note the team’s imminent struggles. But deep down, the back-to-back-to-back Sweet Sixteen witnesses hoped, or even believed, that they would be proved wrong. They pointed to the amount of talent on the roster, passing over the lack of experience. They praised Wojo like a teacher’s pet and bashed Buzz Williams for not utilizing his former players correctly. They — as in we — not only hoped for, but expected a season in which the team overachieved.

Yesterday, our irrational hopes were proved wrong.

We tried to deny it after the Ohio State game, in which we clung to the fact that Marquette forced turnovers, made shots, and stayed in the game for one half, rather than the unsettling fact that its defense was consistently plowed over en route to a blowout loss.

And after losing to mid-major University of Nebraska-Omaha, in which the defense imploded even further to nearly give up 100 points, we can’t deny the reality of the situation any more. Marquette is exactly what we said they were at the beginning of the season — short and inexperienced. They’re talented, too, but the lesson learned is that talent alone doesn’t win games.

I’m not hitting the panic button. I’m hitting the reality button. Marquette has a talented roster that could eventually piece things together and make some noise. But none of us have seen evidence of that happening now or ever.

We’ll believe it when we see it. That time just hasn’t come.

However, if we keep waiting for that time to come, we might be in for another long year.

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