Deonte Burton, John Dawson Transferring From Marquette

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor),

Sophomores Deonte Burton and John Dawson are transferring from Marquette, confirmed by the school and both players.

Burton, a 6-4, 240 pound forward, was averaging 6.4 points and 16.1 minutes per contest. After a promising freshman campaign, many expected him to star for the Golden Eagles this year, but instead fans witnessed his struggles with defense and aggressiveness until he decided to depart. He was an exciting player to watch, much do to his powerful, dominating style of play that resulted in multiple appearances on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays segment.

Dawson, a guard from New Mexico, occasionally flashed ability to play at the college level last year, and many, including myself, believed he could eventually work his way into a contributing role. The Journal Sentinel’s Matt Velazquez, however, repeatedly stated that Dawson looked “lost” and out of place in preseason practices. Dawson’s inability to stand out in any one facet of the game caused Coach Wojo to seek for other options on the floor, gluing Dawson to the bench for all but four minutes in the entire season.

It’s not certain yet as to why either player transferred, but it seems that Dawson wasn’t satisfied with his lack of playing time and Burton had been suffering prolonged emotional pain after his mother passed away before the season began. Other speculation on Burton includes that he didn’t fit in Coach Wojo’s system. It doesn’t feel necessary to speculate any further on Burton’s reasons for departure, however, considering his difficult situation.

Marquette had only played eight men throughout the season and hoped it would grow to nine with Luke Fischer’s return, but Burton’s transfer marks the team down to eight available players again (Dawson almost never saw the floor, so he’s not much of a loss). Expect the roles of wing players, such as Juan Anderson, Sandy Cohen, Jajuan Johnson, and even Steve Taylor, to expand in Burton’s absence.

Their departures, along with Gabe Levin’s (which occurred before the season began), open up one available scholarship for this season and three for the next, even when factoring in the four incoming freshman in Coach Wojo’s nationally ranked recruiting class.

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