So….What About Next Year?

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor),

Well, that kind of sucked. It’s not like we expected this year’s team to do anything, so no one’s necessarily unhappy with the season. It just sucked. And now, we’re ready for some not-sucking in Marquette basketball. Will that happen next year? Let’s back that question up: What will the team look like next year?

Good evening, ladies and gents, it’s Marquette Nation comin’ atcha with some flame analysis and opinion. As you know, we slacked off on this season BIG TIME, but we’re ready to turn it the frick up because next season will be exciting. Here’s who’s leaving and who’s coming (for now):

LEAVING: PG Matt Carlino (15 PTS, 40% FG, 41% 3PT), SF Juan Anderson (8.3 PTS, 49% FG, 5.7 REB), PG Derrick Wilson (5.6 PTS, 4.7 AST, 41% FG)

COMING: SF Wally Ellenson (Redshirt junior — 1.9 PTS and 6.9 MINS in last season with Minnesota), PF Henry Ellenson (Freshman, consensus 5 star recruit, 5th on ESPN, 11th on 247 Sports, 7th on Scout, chose us over Michigan State and Kentucky, so, ya, he’s pretty damn good), G/F Haanif Cheatham (Freshman, consensus 4 star recruit, 82nd on ESPN, 73rd on 247 Sports, 85th on Scout, chose us over Georgetown and Cal), G Sacar Anim (Freshman, 4 star and unranked on ESPN, 3 star and #183 on 247 Sports, 3 star and unranked on Scout, late bloomer in 2015 class, chose us over Northern Iowa, Drake, Rhode Island, Northwestern, others), PG Traci Carter (Freshman, 4 star and unranked on ESPN, 3 star and #157 on 247 Sports, 4 star and #18 at his position on Scout, late riser in 2015 class due to knee injury during prime recruiting period, chose us over UConn, Xavier, Memphis, others), PF/C Matt Heldt (Freshman, 4 star and unranked on ESPN, 3 star and #132 on 247 Sports, 4 star and #60 on Scout, committed in early period to us over Xavier and other mid-major offers)

So with those guys plus the returning players, Marquette has two open scholarships for next season. It’s unlikely that Wojo will use one on another high school recruit, so expect him to either 1) go after JUCO guys, 2) get another graduate transfer like Matt Carlino or 3) save one or two of them for the 2016 recruiting class. Wojo’s not the type of guy to fill a roster just to fill a roster. He’s only going to go after the guys who he deems fit with the culture he’s implementing, and that’s for him to decide who’s in and who’s out. If I had a gun to my head, I’d say Wojo gets one guy and saves the other scholarship for 2016.

Thus, here is the roster, as of now:

PG: Traci Carter

SG: Duane Wilson, Jajuan Johnson, Haanif Cheatham, Sacar Anim

SF: Sandy Cohen, Wally Ellenson

PF: Henry Ellenson, Steve Taylor

C: Luke Fischer, Matt Hedlt

REACTION: Traci Carter will have the chance to contribute from day one but we can’t trust him as our lead guard. Shooting guard is crowded but not as “deep” as it looks. Duane Wilson is the only player I like there in terms of both now and next year. But, despite that, we have too many SG’s to spend a scholarship on an off-ball guard. We’ll roll with what we have. Sandy Cohen’s a toss-up for next year. He had flashes of greatness behind the arc but often looked lost, which pinned him to the bench for most of Big East play. Wally Ellenson was brought to the team primarily as a recruiting pitch to his coveted brother Henry Ellenson, but as a superb athlete and college basketball veteran he could make a difference as a “playmaker” guy off the bench. Henry Ellenson is a freshman, and although he’s a damn good one, we can’t have sky-high expectations for what he’s going to do in his first year. Taylor may be a sneaky contributor on the boards and in the paint next season as long as he stays aggressive. Fischer’s going to be awesome, I think. Heldt will probably be the Sandy Cohen of next year — hits a few good shots in non-con, misses a few assignments and looks a little lost, gets pinned to the bench for the rest of the season besides whenever they need his size.

So what can we do to make the roster better by November? Here’s my answer:

1) Get an experienced point guard from the JUCO or grad transfer field.

2) If available, get an experienced, rebounding forward from the JUCO or grad transfer field.

And that’s all we can do until then — well, besides one thing…


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