Write for our website!

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu.

Are YOU interested in producing content for MarquetteNation.com? You’ve come to the right — or, write — place. (Ha..ha). Email the guy behind this WordPress blog at david.klinger@marquette.edu and he will send you an application. It’s a great experience in sports journalism and media. We promise to not restrict your content unless you are writing pro-Wisconsin Badgers propaganda. Capeesh?


Welcome to Marquette Nation – a blog and twitter feed of all things Marquette basketball. Follow us on Twitter at @mubbnation for live updates on recruiting, games, facts, and the occasional opinion. For inquiries, contact us at mubb.nation@gmail.com. Our email is flooded with Twitter notifications, however, so just tag us in a tweet or something, okay?

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