Interview: Christian Vital Rising In Recruiting Rankings

Dave Klinger, Editor. Photo:, New England Recruiting Report

Marquette head coach Steve Wojciechowski visited earlier today Christian Vital, a three-star shooting guard from Queens, New York, and member of St. Thomas More School’s prep basketball team in Connecticut. Vital decommitted recently from UNLV and has since heard from UConn, Cincinnati, Dayton, Providence, Iowa, West Virginia, Alabama, Marquette, Butler, Louisville, and Tulsa, according to ESPN’s Jeff Borzello.

Dave Klinger of interviewed Vital about his recruitment, style of play, and rise in the rankings.

Dave: So you’ve been under the radar until now in your high school career. Now you’ve got schools like Louisville, Iowa, Alabama, and Marquette coming in to see you. Clearly you’ve turned yourself into a great prospect for the college game. What did it take from you to make that massive jump?

CV: I think believing in myself and having the great support system that I have. The people I have trained with up to this point know what they are doing and knew what I needed to develop. Then the work that I put in started to pay off on a more consistent basis.

Dave: That’s great to hear. Congrats, man, clearly your hard work is paying off. People are starting to see your hoops mixtape more and more on Twitter. Seems like you can shoot the ball well. Can you describe your game in-depth with us?

CV: Always been a guy who gives it his all on the court and can shoot the ball well. Recently I’ve been able to improve my game in the athletic, playing making, and ball handling areas. And [I’m] a natural born leader from what I’m told.

Dave: Definitely good to hear. Those are all qualities that schools–especially Marquette–look for in recruits. You’ve been tweeting out coaches and schools that have talked to you recently. Can you talk about the schools recruiting you hardest?

CV: Right now it’s too early to say.

Dave: Certainly, I understand. I’d like to hear about what you’re looking for in a school. For example: Do you want to play professionally? Are you looking for early playing time? Good relationships with coaches?

CV: Down the road hopefully I am blessed enough to play professionally and that is a goal and dream of mine. In a school I’m looking for a great connection with the head coach, opportunity to play right away in a winning program, and great guys to battle with.

Dave: Of course. Can you talk about your relationships with the coaches recruiting you? Any in particular you have a very strong connection with?

CV: That’s too early to say as well.

Dave: Certainly understandable. It seems like you’re gaining interest from many schools at a rapid rate. How do you plan on handling this big decision as your high school career approaches its end? Around when will you narrow down your choices?

CV: I have a great support system who is helping me. Not sure, yeah, still talking to my family.

Dave: Sure thing. Sounds like your recruitment is very open right now, do you agree? How are you approaching it? Gotta be nice having big-time coaches calling your name every day.

CV: Yes, I agree. It’s nice, but I’m just humbled I get to experience it.

Dave: Coaches like to hear that. Christian, do you have anything else to say about Marquette or Coach Wojo? It seems like you two had a good talk today. What in particular do you like about what MU has to offer?

CV: Wojo is a straight-up and nice guy. Great personality and confident in his program and players. Great conference and the potential to do great things in the conference.

Dave: You seem to fit his style well. He likes tough, athletic guards who can shoot the ball. You think you can play immediately at a school like Marquette if you work hard enough? Also, have you spoken to any other guys on the coaching staff or basketball team at MU?

CV: Yes I do, and yes, Coach Nelson.

Dave: Good to hear. Christian, let me know where Marquette stands as you narrow down your list. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Best of luck in the future.

CV: Thank you, sir.

Watch Vital’s sophomore season highlight tape below.

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