A Definitive History About How #TheThing Became a Thing

Eric Gebhart (Photo: Marquette Athletics)

Imagine this: You are defending one of the best 3-point shooters in the nation, and he has the ball outside of the arc and proceeds to go into his shooting motion. What do you do? You jump and try to contest the shot. But unfortunately for you, he pump fakes and now you are helplessly airborne. As you are about to land, he starts his shooting motion again, jumps into you and lets off a shot. It’s a foul on you, and the only thing left for you to do is hope the shot doesn’t go in.

It’s one of the most annoying plays in basketball and almost nobody does it better than Andrew Rowsey. When Rowsey became eligible to play last season we saw him use this tactic over and over again to the point where we decided it deserved a label. This is the story of #TheThing.

February 4th, 2017 – Marquette had a Saturday afternoon matchup against DePaul. For some unknown reason, Marquette Twitter decided it would be funny to create a Marquette Drinking Game. For example, if Luke Fischer dunks the ball (#FischySlam) you would take a drink. So, with 13:40 left in the second half, Andrew Rowsey uses a pump fake to create a 3-shot foul on Tre’Darius McCallum. This lead to this tweet:

And this response from @RKlotka:

February 18th – National Marquette Day. Xavier’s Quentin Goodin falls victim leading to this tweet. This is the first time the term “the thing” was used in all of its un-hashtagged and uncapitalized glory:

Again, our friend Randy responses with:

And this response from @actuallybbottei, who also happened to be my neighbor on 11th Floor Straz:

If I remember right, we were in the same room watching the #mubb game when he tweeted this. Well Brian, your wish is my command…

February 21st – Shadowed by The Milkman’s double-double and the fact that Marcus LoVett gave me his Curry 3s after the game was the birth of #TheThing. With 34 ticks left before halftime, Malik Ellison became a victim of #TheThing.

March 17th – The night #TheThing officially became a thing. In their first NCAA Tournament game since 2013, Andrew Rowsey opened the scoring with a four-point play or as we like to call it a #TheThing AND 1.

And then something magical happened. After @marchmadness asked:

The official Marquette University account (@MarquetteU) responded with the easy answer:

It was at this moment that #TheThing became an official thing.

April 27th – #TheThing goes pro. Former #mubb beat writer and current Bucks beat writer for the Milwaukee JS @Matt_Velazquez tweets this:

November 10th – First #TheThing of Rowsey’s senior year. In Marquette’s first game of the season against The Mount current JS beat writer @BenSteeleMJS tweeted this:

Luckily, our friend @mooof23 quickly got him caught up:

But the rest of Marquette Twitter knew what to do:

However, Ben (understandingly) still had some lingering questions:


Well, I hope this clears up the first question for you Ben! To answer your second question, #TheThing is when Andrew Rowsey pump fakes on a 3 to draw a shooting foul. It does not matter if he uses his right or left hand to shoot it or if it goes in or not.

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