Orlando Classic Analysis and Predictions

After millenniums of human evolution, which included the inventions of basic math, the wheel, and Windows 95, the Orlando Classic committee finally released the full bracket to their ESPN-sponsored tournament, matching up Marquette with Georgia Tech in the first round and, barring a wild upset from Rider, an intriguing game with Michigan State in the second. Before we lay down any predictions, let’s preview the … Continue reading Orlando Classic Analysis and Predictions

Analyzing Marquette’s Non-Conference Schedule

It’s that time of the year again. While many wade the tips of their toes in ocean waters, bathe their parched mouths with piña coladas, and melt their cranium by attempting to sit through an entire baseball game, college basketball sneaks through the door without making a noise — usually done by subtly releasing non-conference schedules, of course. Unless you’re the type of guy who … Continue reading Analyzing Marquette’s Non-Conference Schedule

Creighton vs. Marquette Preview

Simply “pumped” is not an adequate term to describe the demeanor of Marquette fans on this glorious day. We’re uncontrollably ecstatic. Hell, I may even punch someone. I’m sure someone’s already done it, and whoever did probably had a pretty good reason in doing so. Why? BECAUSE WE PLAY CREIGHTON AT HOME TONIGHT IN THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON/CENTURY!!!!!!! Alright. Deep breaths. If you … Continue reading Creighton vs. Marquette Preview

Marquette vs. Villanova Preview

Today’s the day. Coming off a thrilling overtime victory against Georgetown, Marquette will have another chance to boost their resume today with a home matchup against #4 Villanova. Sitting at 11-8 overall and 3-3 in conference play, today’s game might be a deciding factor in terms of tourney hopes for a team that had looked beyond hopeless for a good chunk of the season. A … Continue reading Marquette vs. Villanova Preview

Marquette vs. New Mexico Preview

It’s no secret this is a must-win game. Sitting at cringe-worthy 7-4, Marquette has so far lost every test they’ve faced this season, and the schedule from hereon out won’t help much in building their tournament resume. I mean, sure, playing Georgetown, Creighton and Villanova will definitely factor into our RPI, but as of now, it’s the W’s that are going to get us a … Continue reading Marquette vs. New Mexico Preview

Marquette vs. Wisconsin Preview

This one could get ugly. If so, we’ve got some major problems with our team, especially since progress looked more than evident in the past couple of games. …or, someone could step up, ride the post-OSU progress, and eke us out an important win that’ll do wonders for both Marquette’s confidence and tourney hopes. Really, it’s that simple. This game is in itself an X-Factor for … Continue reading Marquette vs. Wisconsin Preview

Marquette vs. Ohio State Preview

This may not be how we initially anticipated Marquette vs. Ohio State (see: cancelled Carrier Classic, 2012), but if anything, this is better. Bradley Center. Saturday afternoon. #10 vs. #17. Really, this home-court atmosphere is going to be better than anything we could’ve possibly imagined. If you aren’t able to make the trip, be sure to catch it on Fox at noon central time. Until then, … Continue reading Marquette vs. Ohio State Preview