Summer Workouts — Pictures & Videos, Interviews With Wojo

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Photo: Marquette Athletics. Summer has turned the corner and, sooner or later, so will Marquette hoops. In the meantime, Duane Wilson, Jajuan Johnson, Traci Carter, Sandy Cohen and Sacar Anim are participating in summer workouts at the Al McGuire Center (Luke Fischer is also in attendance, but he’s rehabbing his injured shoulder). Summer workouts are group drills and individual workouts … Continue reading Summer Workouts — Pictures & Videos, Interviews With Wojo

Marquette Offseason Bits, Day 80 — 5/31/15

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Seventy-eight days have passed since we published our last column. And we’re sorry — really — but last year was a rebuilding season, so no one cares about a game recap when the team is sliding down its second six-game losing streak. And the people especially do not care about poor performance when the team was expected to be, well, … Continue reading Marquette Offseason Bits, Day 80 — 5/31/15

So….What About Next Year?

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Well, that kind of sucked. It’s not like we expected this year’s team to do anything, so no one’s necessarily unhappy with the season. It just sucked. And now, we’re ready for some not-sucking in Marquette basketball. Will that happen next year? Let’s back that question up: What will the team look like next year? Good evening, ladies and gents, … Continue reading So….What About Next Year?

2014-15 Marquette Basketball Season Preview

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), We’re back. After enduring one of the most heartbreaking seasons in recent Marquette basketball history and possibly the most suspenseful, frustrating, yet thrilling month of March for a team that didn’t qualify for a postseason tournament, we can exhale, unwind in our chairs, and not only say that we made it, but hey, it was worth it too. Hair-thinning, stomach-turning, … Continue reading 2014-15 Marquette Basketball Season Preview

Coach Wojo, Derrick Wilson, And Matt Carlino Preview MU’s Exhibition, Season

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Tomorrow’s exhibition game versus Division III Wisconsin Lutheran will be the last time Marquette plays publicly before its first real test against Tennessee-Martin on the 14th. As with the season in general, it’s tough to pinpoint what to expect from the match (besides a win in this case), especially in consideration of the New Coach Factor and the amount of … Continue reading Coach Wojo, Derrick Wilson, And Matt Carlino Preview MU’s Exhibition, Season

Big East Preview, Predictions

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Here we go again. For the second straight season, the Big East enters the year having lost more than it gained over the offseason. Last year, it lost a number of storied programs that had helped build the league into the perennial hardwood superpower it once was. Now, it loses some familiar standout players that barely kept the league afloat … Continue reading Big East Preview, Predictions

Marquette Madness Preview

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), TODAY’S THE DAY. And for the second day in a row, it’s okay to lose your mind — or go nuts, or go bonkers, or whatever other slang your native people use. Yesterday, consensus top-10 recruit Henry Ellenson committed to Marquette over Kentucky and Michigan State (yes, you read that correctly), and today is Marquette Madness, the pep rally and … Continue reading Marquette Madness Preview