Marquette In The NBA

Eric Gebhart (All Photos: Training camp has now passed, preseason games are well under way, and the regular season is less than a month away, so we decided to take a look at the six former Marquette ballers in the National Basketball Association. Henry Ellenson, Detroit Pistons Last Year Regular Season Stats: TEAM GAMES MINS PTS REB AST FG% Marquette 33 33.5 17.0 9.7 1.8 … Continue reading Marquette In The NBA

Big East Preview: Butler, With

Editor, Dave Klinger (Photo: Marquette Athletics) College basketball season is quickly approaching. In an effort to preview it, we spoke with ten bloggers or writers, each covering a different Big East men’s basketball team. Today, we have a conversation with Butler Hoops, a blog covering–you guessed it–Bulldogs basketball. Get to know your enemy by reading their answers below. Lastly, we asked them to rank the Big … Continue reading Big East Preview: Butler, With

What’s Next For Marquette?

Dave Klinger, Editor. Photo: Marquette Athletics See the post below to find out what’s next for Marquette. Why is the article linked to Our editor, Dave Klinger, is writing for them because it is a platform more focused on journalism than blogging. Same great content, one click away. Tweet us your thoughts at @mubbnation, or comment below. Continue reading What’s Next For Marquette?

Big East Preview, Predictions

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Here we go again. For the second straight season, the Big East enters the year having lost more than it gained over the offseason. Last year, it lost a number of storied programs that had helped build the league into the perennial hardwood superpower it once was. Now, it loses some familiar standout players that barely kept the league afloat … Continue reading Big East Preview, Predictions


It’s a long, long offseason. Here are the ground rules: 1. We chose the five best players at each position from the 2000s and 2010s eras, since comparing Dwyane Wade to Butch Lee and Darius Johnson-Odom to Glenn Anton Rivers and such wouldn’t be too fair. 2. Since we’re empty-handed at center and loaded at the forward and guard positions, we labeled the positions as point … Continue reading MARQUETTE DREAM TEAM CREATOR — 2000S/2010S EDITION

Reassessing Preseason Player Predictions

Marquette kicked off the last third of the season on Thursday with an 11-point victory over Providence. Four months ago, that seemed like quite the easy prediction. As for the fact that the win only boosted Marquette to 12-9, and 4-4 in the Big East? Or that two days later, Marquette got absolutely bulldozed by St. John’s to put them back under .500 in conference? … Continue reading Reassessing Preseason Player Predictions

Marquette Bounces Back from OSU, Proves Why We Shouldn’t Panic

I couldn’t begin to tell you what I heard after the Ohio State loss. Gathering a common theme from the post-game profanities (whether heard or read), all hope of getting in the tourney was apparently lost. “Where is the Buzz we saw last year? What the hell was he doing?” All of Twitter engaged in what will be known from now on as, “The Collective Roast of … Continue reading Marquette Bounces Back from OSU, Proves Why We Shouldn’t Panic