A Definitive History About How #TheThing Became a Thing

Eric Gebhart (Photo: Marquette Athletics) Imagine this: You are defending one of the best 3-point shooters in the nation, and he has the ball outside of the arc and proceeds to go into his shooting motion. What do you do? You jump and try to contest the shot. But unfortunately for you, he pump fakes and now you are helplessly airborne. As you are about to … Continue reading A Definitive History About How #TheThing Became a Thing

Big East Preview: Marquette

Dave Klinger, Eric Gebhart (Photo: Marquette Athletics) College basketball season is quickly approaching. In an effort to preview it, we spoke with ten bloggers or writers, each covering a different Big East men’s basketball team. For the last article in our series, we have a conversation with Eric Gebhart, a student, Marquette hoops fanatic, and big part of MarquetteNation.com. Let’s learn more about our team … Continue reading Big East Preview: Marquette