Former MU Players Stand Out in NBA Summer League

A number of former Marquette players are currently participating in the NBA Summer League, an annual event in Vegas where first and second-round draft picks are tossed into an arena of scrubs and told to put a ball in a hoop (and are also allowed to familiarize themselves with the Vegas lifestyle after these amateurish matches conclude). Unfortunately, most of these former Golden Eagles fall … Continue reading Former MU Players Stand Out in NBA Summer League


We’re going to try something new here in which I open fake reader emails and answer their burning (and also fake) questions. If you actually want to¬†ask a question, however, leave a comment below the article or tweet a screenshot of it (140 characters is never enough to include humorous references!) and tag us. You could technically send us an email too, but you’re more … Continue reading OFFSEASON SELF-MAILBAG


It’s a long, long offseason. Here are the ground rules: 1. We chose the five best players at each position from the 2000s and 2010s eras, since comparing¬†Dwyane Wade to Butch Lee and Darius Johnson-Odom to Glenn Anton Rivers and such wouldn’t be too fair. 2. Since we’re empty-handed at center and loaded at the forward and guard positions, we labeled the positions as point … Continue reading MARQUETTE DREAM TEAM CREATOR — 2000S/2010S EDITION

Reassessing Preseason Player Predictions

Marquette kicked off the last third of the season on Thursday with an 11-point victory over Providence. Four months ago, that seemed like quite the easy prediction. As for the fact that the win only boosted Marquette to 12-9, and 4-4 in the Big East? Or that two days later, Marquette got absolutely bulldozed by St. John’s to put them back under .500 in conference? … Continue reading Reassessing Preseason Player Predictions

Categorizing Marquette Fanbase Mindsets

Three straight Sweet Sixteens. One Elite Eight appearance. A top-15 recruiting class. What could’ve gone wrong? Well, a lot, apparently. Sitting at 10-7, Marquette has downright failed to live up to expectations this season. Whether it’s due to the team itself or that, as a spoiled fanbase, we may have set the bar a little high, there’s undoubtedly enough talent on this team to have … Continue reading Categorizing Marquette Fanbase Mindsets

What We’ve Learned About Marquette So Far

It’s obvious that Marquette came into the season with high expectations. Coming off an Elite Eight finish in the NCAA tournament, athletic director Larry Williams acknowledged that Buzz Williams “wasn’t afraid to play anyone,” which resulted in scheduling an incredibly difficult (but promising) non-conference slate. After all, the Big East had lost a handful of top-25 caliber teams, and Marquette needed to even out the … Continue reading What We’ve Learned About Marquette So Far

Fixing Marquette’s Seemingly Unfixable Problems

If you follow the #mubb hashtag on Twitter, or maybe just happened to witness the 75-68 heart-breaking, self-imploding, brain-exploding loss to New Mexico, it’s more than likely you’ve got an idea of what us fans are going through at this moment. First off, it’s a fact that about 87% of Marquette fans didn’t sleep last night. And the 13% who did had recurring nightmares of … Continue reading Fixing Marquette’s Seemingly Unfixable Problems