Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Dave Klinger (Photo: Marquette Athletics) Who are we playing? How good are they? Who’s going to win, and why? In this exercise we tried to answer these questions, rating each game in the schedule by difficulty and predicting the outcome. “A” game = top-50 opponent (away), or top-25 (home) “B” game = top-100 opponent (away), or top-50 (home) It takes our modest projections of each team … Continue reading Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Top Candidates to Lead MU in Scoring

First Dominic James, Wes Matthews and Jerel McNeal, then Lazar Hayward, then Jimmy Butler, then Crowder and DJO, and now, Vander Blue. Buzz Williams faces this question every offseason. So much that it has grown to be somewhat of a broken record. The question is, who is going to take over as Marquette’s lead scorer next season? In Buzz Williams’ five seasons at MU, eleven … Continue reading Top Candidates to Lead MU in Scoring