Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Dave Klinger (Photo: Marquette Athletics) Who are we playing? How good are they? Who’s going to win, and why? In this exercise we tried to answer these questions, rating each game in the schedule by difficulty and predicting the outcome. “A” game = top-50 opponent (away), or top-25 (home) “B” game = top-100 opponent (away), or top-50 (home) It takes our modest projections of each team … Continue reading Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Win-Loss Predictions, 2015-16

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Photo: Marquette Athletics. The athletics department released the conference schedule, which complements the non-conference slate in providing us a list of the entire season’s games. The unfamiliar, inexperienced roster confuses many in terms of predicting the outcome of the upcoming season, but a common theme in almost everyone’s perspective is excitement. The Golden Eagles replace a last-place team with a … Continue reading Win-Loss Predictions, 2015-16

Marquette Bounces Back from OSU, Proves Why We Shouldn’t Panic

I couldn’t begin to tell you what I heard after the Ohio State loss. Gathering a common theme from the post-game profanities (whether heard or read), all hope of getting in the tourney was apparently lost. “Where is the Buzz we saw last year? What the hell was he doing?” All of Twitter engaged in what will be known from now on as, “The Collective Roast of … Continue reading Marquette Bounces Back from OSU, Proves Why We Shouldn’t Panic