What would a win at Xavier mean for Marquette?

Dave Klinger (Photo: Marquette Athletics) A win tonight at Xavier would mean… Marquette finishes only as low as sixth (which would happen if Seton Hall beat Butler) Marquette finishes as high as third (which would happen if Butler beat Seton Hall, Marquette beats Creighton, and St. John’s beats Providence) And, in not finishing seventh, Marquette avoids the first round of the Big East Tournament… …and instead … Continue reading What would a win at Xavier mean for Marquette?

Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Dave Klinger (Photo: Marquette Athletics) Who are we playing? How good are they? Who’s going to win, and why? In this exercise we tried to answer these questions, rating each game in the schedule by difficulty and predicting the outcome. “A” game = top-50 opponent (away), or top-25 (home) “B” game = top-100 opponent (away), or top-50 (home) It takes our modest projections of each team … Continue reading Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

What’s Next For Marquette?

Dave Klinger, Editor. Photo: Marquette Athletics See the post below to find out what’s next for Marquette. http://www.vavel.com/en-us/ncaa/college-basketball/614394-whats-next-for-marquette.html Why is the article linked to VAVEL.com/en-us? Our editor, Dave Klinger, is writing for them because it is a platform more focused on journalism than blogging. Same great content, one click away. Tweet us your thoughts at @mubbnation, or comment below. Continue reading What’s Next For Marquette?

Is Marquette An NCAA Tournament Team?

Gary Leverton, Staff Writer. Photo: Marquette Athletics 12-6 and 2-4. Reasonable, but not great. Some potential, but not tournament worthy. In a season that has seen Marquette beat Providence at their place, get blown out by Seton Hall, and rally from an 18 point deficit early against Villanova only to get cold in the second half and lose by 15, what should be made of this … Continue reading Is Marquette An NCAA Tournament Team?

Three Goals: How Marquette Can Crash March Madness

Author: Dave Klinger, david.klinger@marquette.edu. Photo: USA Today. Hello, everyone! I am Dave, the editor of MarquetteNation.com. I wrote today’s article on a different platform, VAVEL.com. The website asked me to write things for them about Marquette basketball, so I agreed. I will post links to my #mubb-related writings on MarquetteNation.com and will continue to update it with articles from my minions (other writers). Anyways, here it … Continue reading Three Goals: How Marquette Can Crash March Madness

Marquette Offseason Bits, Day 80 — 5/31/15

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. Seventy-eight days have passed since we published our last column. And we’re sorry — really — but last year was a rebuilding season, so no one cares about a game recap when the team is sliding down its second six-game losing streak. And the people especially do not care about poor performance when the team was expected to be, well, … Continue reading Marquette Offseason Bits, Day 80 — 5/31/15

Six Things We Learned From Non-Conference Play

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. Halfway done and we’re still alive. Not in terms of predictions, but technicalities. And here’s why: Outside of Omaha, Marquette has beaten everyone it should and lost to everyone it shouldn’t have. We were in the same situation last year, and everyone knows how awful that turned out, but then again… …we have Luke Fischer now, who turned out to … Continue reading Six Things We Learned From Non-Conference Play