Big East Preview: Marquette

Dave Klinger, Eric Gebhart (Photo: Marquette Athletics) College basketball season is quickly approaching. In an effort to preview it, we spoke with ten bloggers or writers, each covering a different Big East men’s basketball team. For the last article in our series, we have a conversation with Eric Gebhart, a student, Marquette hoops fanatic, and big part of Let’s learn more about our team … Continue reading Big East Preview: Marquette

Who’s Going To Win The Big East Tournament?

Dave Klinger, Editor. Photo: Fox Sports I participated in a roundtable to preview the Big East Tournament. Link’s below! (Yes, I know it started yesterday… Shhh!) Tweet us your thoughts at @mubbnation, or comment below.   Continue reading Who’s Going To Win The Big East Tournament?

Providence Preview: Five Fouls

Editor: Dave Klinger. Photo: Marquette Athletics We chatted with Providence basketball guru Daniel James to preview tonight’s game against the Friars. It’s called Five Fouls, an article in which we argued which team has the better whatever–coach, star player, team, city, and all that. Link’s below! Tweet us your thoughts at @mubbnation, or comment below. Continue reading Providence Preview: Five Fouls

Marquette Takes On Seton Hall In Big East Opener

Dave Klinger, Editor. Photo: Michael Sears/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The link to the article is below. Why is the article not on Dave Klinger, emperor of, has a new groove: writing his articles for so that he can acquire press credentials. Like an official journalist. (He likes the sound of that.) Tweet us your thoughts at @mubbnation, or comment below. Continue reading Marquette Takes On Seton Hall In Big East Opener

2014-15 Marquette Basketball Season Preview

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), We’re back. After enduring one of the most heartbreaking seasons in recent Marquette basketball history and possibly the most suspenseful, frustrating, yet thrilling month of March for a team that didn’t qualify for a postseason tournament, we can exhale, unwind in our chairs, and not only say that we made it, but hey, it was worth it too. Hair-thinning, stomach-turning, … Continue reading 2014-15 Marquette Basketball Season Preview

Big East Preview, Predictions

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), Here we go again. For the second straight season, the Big East enters the year having lost more than it gained over the offseason. Last year, it lost a number of storied programs that had helped build the league into the perennial hardwood superpower it once was. Now, it loses some familiar standout players that barely kept the league afloat … Continue reading Big East Preview, Predictions

Creighton vs. Marquette Preview

Simply “pumped” is not an adequate term to describe the demeanor of Marquette fans on this glorious day. We’re uncontrollably ecstatic. Hell, I may even punch someone. I’m sure someone’s already done it, and whoever did probably had a pretty good reason in doing so. Why? BECAUSE WE PLAY CREIGHTON AT HOME TONIGHT IN THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON/CENTURY!!!!!!! Alright. Deep breaths. If you … Continue reading Creighton vs. Marquette Preview