A Definitive History About How #TheThing Became a Thing

Eric Gebhart (Photo: Marquette Athletics) Imagine this: You are defending one of the best 3-point shooters in the nation, and he has the ball outside of the arc and proceeds to go into his shooting motion. What do you do? You jump and try to contest the shot. But unfortunately for you, he pump fakes and now you are helplessly airborne. As you are about to … Continue reading A Definitive History About How #TheThing Became a Thing

Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Dave Klinger (Photo: Marquette Athletics) Who are we playing? How good are they? Who’s going to win, and why? In this exercise we tried to answer these questions, rating each game in the schedule by difficulty and predicting the outcome. “A” game = top-50 opponent (away), or top-25 (home) “B” game = top-100 opponent (away), or top-50 (home) It takes our modest projections of each team … Continue reading Marquette Win/Loss Predictions

Marquette Must Finish Strong In Non-Con

Author: Gary Leverton, gary.leverton@marquette.edu. Photo: Marquette Athletics. With every non-conference win, Marquette looks more and more like a team that is ready to compete this year. But for Marquette to consider this a successful start, finishing it off would be the next true step. After starting off 1-2 with a close loss to Belmont and an ugly and lopsided loss to Iowa, Marquette has since … Continue reading Marquette Must Finish Strong In Non-Con

Marquette Madness Preview

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. TODAY’S THE DAY. And for the second day in a row, it’s okay to lose your mind — or go nuts, or go bonkers, or whatever other slang your native people use. Yesterday, consensus top-10 recruit Henry Ellenson committed to Marquette over Kentucky and Michigan State (yes, you read that correctly), and today is Marquette Madness, the pep rally and … Continue reading Marquette Madness Preview

Big East matchups released, completing 2014-15 schedule

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. We’re one step closer to the season! The Big East finally released its men’s basketball schedule, after what seemed a longer period of time than Chris Otule’s college basketball career. Since Marquette revealed its non-conference games a number of weeks ago, the entire schedule for the upcoming season is complete, and sits below this paragraph for your convenience. Initial thoughts: … Continue reading Big East matchups released, completing 2014-15 schedule

Analyzing Marquette’s Non-Conference Schedule

It’s that time of the year again. While many wade the tips of their toes in ocean waters, bathe their parched mouths with piña coladas, and melt their cranium by attempting to sit through an entire baseball game, college basketball sneaks through the door without making a noise — usually done by subtly releasing non-conference schedules, of course. Unless you’re the type of guy who … Continue reading Analyzing Marquette’s Non-Conference Schedule

Updates from Milwaukee Pro-Am

Yes, that ball went in. Every year, the Marquette basketball team participates in the Milwaukee Pro-Am, a summer league in the Milwaukee area for players at the college or professional level. It’s a scoring extravaganza due to the broad range of talent, lack of defense from all parties involved, and individual wishes to throw down emphatic dunks rather than, say, improve off-the-ball skills. The games … Continue reading Updates from Milwaukee Pro-Am