Who Will Lead Marquette In Scoring?

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu.¬†Photo: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Who will lead Marquette in scoring? It’s a question that isn’t important as much as it is interesting. Will Duane Wilson, the team’s leading returnee in scoring, default as the new squad’s go-to guy? Or will Henry Ellenson, the prized, freshman power-forward, storm through the Bradley Center gates as the team’s most overwhelming force on the offensive end? … Continue reading Who Will Lead Marquette In Scoring?

So….What About Next Year?

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. Well, that kind of sucked. It’s not like we expected this year’s team to do anything, so no one’s necessarily unhappy with the season. It just sucked. And now, we’re ready for some not-sucking in Marquette basketball. Will that happen next year? Let’s back that question up: What will the team look like next year? Good evening, ladies and gents, … Continue reading So….What About Next Year?

It’s Going To Be A Long Year

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. How could we make the same mistake twice in a row? I’m not saying Marquette is doomed. I’m not saying the team’s issues are completely unfixable. But as of now, three games into the season, it seems as if we overestimated the Golden Eagles’ potential for the second straight season. Oh, sure, we stated all the necessary precautions. We underlined … Continue reading It’s Going To Be A Long Year

2014-15 Marquette Basketball Season Preview

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. We’re back. After enduring one of the most heartbreaking seasons in recent Marquette basketball history and possibly the most suspenseful, frustrating, yet thrilling month of March for a team that didn’t qualify for a postseason tournament, we can exhale, unwind in our chairs, and not only say that we made it, but hey, it was worth it too. Hair-thinning, stomach-turning, … Continue reading 2014-15 Marquette Basketball Season Preview

Coach Wojo, Derrick Wilson, And Matt Carlino Preview MU’s Exhibition, Season

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. Tomorrow’s exhibition game versus Division III Wisconsin Lutheran will be the last time Marquette plays publicly before its first real test against Tennessee-Martin on the 14th. As with the season in general, it’s tough to pinpoint what to expect from the match (besides a win in this case), especially in consideration of the New Coach Factor and the amount of … Continue reading Coach Wojo, Derrick Wilson, And Matt Carlino Preview MU’s Exhibition, Season

Gabe Levin Transferring From Marquette

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. Before donning blue and gold for a single game, redshirt sophomore Gabe Levin has decided to transfer from Marquette, per a press release from the school. Levin had previously transferred to the Golden Eagles from Loyola Marymount about four months ago. During his first and only season with LMU, Levin averaged 11.2 points and 7.2 rebounds per game, earning him … Continue reading Gabe Levin Transferring From Marquette

Scoring predictions for upcoming season

Author: Dave Klinger (Editor), david.klinger@marquette.edu. Seventy-two. It’s the amount of points that Marquette averaged per game last season. It’s also, however, the percentage of those points it lost from roster turnover. Seventy-two percent of seventy-two is fifty-two, the total amount of points that this season’s team faces the issue of replacing. It’s not an issue of “how,” but “who,” as the squad enters the season … Continue reading Scoring predictions for upcoming season